Tuesday, April 29, 2014


All through the month of April, Minnie will help me explore the people, places and things that WE call creepy, strange and downright weird. To be honest, Minnie finds almost everything creepy and strange so having the entire alphabet at our disposal is going to be a challenge. You might find what we discover delightful, or you may agree with us. Please share your opinions either way. Have fun road-tripping the Alphabet by visiting others doing the challenge as well. To find out more on the A-Z blogging challenge follow the link.

Sometimes YOUNGSTERS can be amazing to the point of strange and unexplained. Don't you love getting the chills? Here are some examples

And from Norway:

So today's post may not be so creepy, strange, or weird but for me it is strange that I can still be totally amazed by youngsters 
today whether they have talent or not. Do you know any totally amazing youngsters? I know many... Here are some highlights from Banzaicon 5, an anime convention I help my son arrange each year.


Alex J. Cavanaugh said...

That first girl's voice is stunning beyond words.

Robin said...

The first one: At first I just couldn't reconcile the voice and the singer. Wow. If I were seeing this anywhere but here I would have thought, "This is fake. A joke. A recording." But then it was clear that this 9 year old kid was singing. And it was just breath stealing.

The second one: Another case of a kid sounding like an adult. Absolutely mind boggling. I couldn't understand anything the judges said, but their faces told the story. Wow.

Roland D. Yeomans said...

Youngsters whose eyes glow red and start speaking in Latin backwards are the ones who give me the chills! :-)