Thursday, January 10, 2013

Wild West

So what’s up? You may have noticed that I have not been around so much lately but the reason is that I have been extremely busy. I am trying to work on my book, writing a short story (once again, since I lost the whole thing during a computer fart) I am working suddenly fulltime, and I am writing a screenplay for my son’s LARP (Live Action Role Playing). First time ever musical LARP, which is quite a challenge. Not only that but our renovations at home are speeding up because my son needs to move back home until he finishes school. My so called future art room and office is being sacrificed for his disposal as a place for him to dwell. If you do not know this, my son is going to get his education as a sound technician and he works with theatre and film. Here is a fun example for you:

As for my LARP musical, it is based on time travel and the old west. Here is what I got so far as a story line, let me know what you think.

Doc Holliday is my hero. The history books have everything wrong. How do I know this?  I know this because I first met him in 2002 and fell in love with him soon after. Doc. Holliday was not born from the old west; he was and is from no time that we can measure. Doc. Holliday is lost in time; he travels back and forth in time depending on the mercy of the Norn sisters who rule the fate of Gods and Man.  Why they picked him as their pawn in the events of history I do not know, but I promised that his story would be told, as I know it.  

John Henry is his earth name; the facts about his early life have been fabricated because the truth is, he was not born on this planet but on another one far away in another galaxy. He first came to earth using his own invention of space travel and was captured by the Norn sisters who have held him hostage since. The Norn sisters use him for their own entertainment and wager on his survival through one time period after another. They seldom send him back to the same space of time but he lives in hope of finding once again his true love, his soul mate Kate, known to many in history books as Big Nose Kate.

Doc. Holliday suffers from time travel disease. He is not an alcoholic or drug addict as so many have claimed. He needs medicine and lucky for him it was Mary Poppins who found the cure for his time travel sickness. All he needs is a spoonful of sugar to help the medicine go down.

---SONG---Spoonful of Sugar-------

If it had not been his friendship with Wyatt Earp and the renowned gun fight at the OK Coral Doc. Holliday would have passed through time unnoticed and as unfamiliar as I am now.  The tiny newspaper that I write for is going out of business, as so many newspapers have in this new age of Internet news invasion. Reporting the events of the day in a day and age where no ink is required has made me obsolete, unnecessary… unemployed until I can afford a new computer. Doc. Holliday, however, will remain immortal, from stories of the Wild West; he became a legend born out of the myth that he was a mortal, a human being, a gunfighter, a gambler, and a dentist. He was and is so much more. Wherever he is now, whatever time he finds himself in I can only hope that he is one step closer to finding his Kate and freeing himself from the Norn sisters.

Annie Oakley was a sharpshooter with Buffalo Bills Wild West show. She was always getting into trouble and picking fights whenever she could. Wild Bill, Calamity Jane and the Doc attended one of these shows in which Annie decided to pick a fight with the Doc. Let’s just say that Annie had a huge crush on the Doc. and since he was in love with Big Nose Kate she was not handling it well.

---SONG-----I can do anything better------------

This is just the beginning but the characters I have in mind for this crazy time travel story are: Billie the kid, Wild Bill Hickok, Calamity Jane, Wyatt Earp, Big Nose Kate, Anne Oakley, Princess Leia, Jennifer Lopez, Mary Poppins, Gordon Ramsey, Clint Eastwood, Terrance Hill, Bud Spencer, Mr. Spock. If any of you have any suggestions, go ahead and bring it on.

So that is what I am up to, what about you? I promise to get around to your blogs as soon as I get a moment to breathe. Until then, know that I am thinking about all of you! I will do my best to keep you all up to date.

Wednesday, January 2, 2013

Insecure and Stuffed

The first Wednesday of the year and time once again for the Insecure Writers Support Group. Founded by Alex Cavanaugh over one year ago and still going strong, this group offers encouragement and support for writers, insecure or not.

How many of you are suffering holiday withdrawal today? After a month of preparations and celebrations it is not easy to hop back into the routines of normal every day. I feel as stuffed as the turkey we ate on New Year’s Eve and just as roasted. My writing has suffered during the holiday season and to make matters worse the one short story I wrote for a new anthology disappeared from my computer. All that remained was the title on a blank page, how I did that I have no idea. Most likely I have saved the wrong document and discarded the one I should have saved. Has that ever happened to you, and what did you do? I realize that I have to get beyond this computer betrayal, hopefully I have learned a lesson about not rushing things and to be more careful about what I save. Now I just have to get beyond that empty page, put the holidays behind me and get a grip. Any suggestions?