Tuesday, March 25, 2014

Thank God For Batman!

Sometimes the easiest way to deal with unfortunate situations is by maintaining a sense of humor. After my mother recovered from her initial embarrassment from falling off the stool in her shower, which resulted in a couple of broken ribs and two black eyes, she hobbled out of her bat cave the next day wearing her newly acquired mask. She made a grand gesture as she opened her shawl, and my eyes quickly glanced over the marmalade stains on her nightshirt and focused on her childish grin.

“I look like batman,” she giggled and then winced, grabbing her side.

I couldn’t stop myself from bursting out in laughter, even though I was angry at her for not asking for help. Her stubborn nature has become the villain she faces every day.

“Next time you want to play super hero--- mom, please wait for your side kick to show up!”

A week later, the mask is fading...
Who am I kidding? She is NEVER going to ask for help. I don’t much like having a mother who thinks she has to be a super hero, especially when she goes to such lengths to look the part.

The past few months I have been trapped in some kind of bizarre alternate reality which consists of diapers for both the young and the old, as well as toothless grins and gurgles among other things. Soon my mother and granddaughter will be equally equipped to face the challenges of being fed with a spoon. 

Like I said earlier, sometimes the easiest way to deal with unfortunate situations is to keep a sense of humor. I am doing the best to keep mine and although my inspiration for anything remotely creative has been lacking for quite some time I am hoping that I can kick start my writing engine through the A-Z challenge this year. My theme will be creepy, scary and just plain weird. Are any of you joining the challenge this year, and do you have a theme? I know that I have a lot of catching up to do with my blogging friends and I am sorry about that. Thank god for Batman and a good laugh. Sometimes the strangest thing will put everything else back in place.

Hope everyone enjoys the rest of their week! I will back to share some creepiness with you on April 1st.