Friday, August 30, 2013


In celebration of my new book ‘Secrets of the Ash Tree’ the Norse Gods have gathered with Captain Ninja- Alex Cavanaugh at the well of Urd. Together they have decided to throw a big book release party on my birthday, October 9th! 

Sign up on the linky tool below and post about YOUR favorite Norse God on that date.  Because it is my birthday as well as the celebration of my book release there has to be presents! 

Anyone who buys my book from now and during this blogfest can email me and I will send them an autographed print of this Freya illustration made by my daughter Maria Bech. This illustration is not available anywhere else and is not included in the book. My book is available at most online retailers including Amazon and Barnes and Noble.

More presents? I will be giving away a signed copy of my book to who-ever actively parties the most on this day. So spread the word, use my banner, visit as many blogs as you can, and write a great post! Special points if you visit my NEW WEB PAGE and like my Facebook Author page!

My blog tour for the release of ‘Secrets of the Ash Tree’ will be from October 7th-14th

I have a lot of great things planned for this tour and some amazing bloggers to visit, but for now they are a secret...More details later…Hope everyone has a fantastic week-end!


Friday, August 9, 2013

Minnie says, Sunrise and Sunset

Sunrise and Sunset

Sunset had no reason to be friends with Sunrise anymore. When both the sun and the moon in the sky favored day instead of night Sunset felt betrayed. Sunrise had become a bully, so she fled with her bright colors into space and finally found a friend who oohed and aahed at her. He had a strange little voice and was small and yellow. Adjusting his goggles, he began to sing:

"Don't be sad little sun,
You're not for everyone,
But now you can shine your light,
In the middle of the night."
He gazed at her through his goggles and she asked,
"What's a nice shell like you doing in space?"

"Chasing fairies," he said. "They love your colors." Tiny wings flew up to buzz between Sunset and her friend. They looked at each other and...

moved in closer....
Closer ....

The fairy closed her eye and planted a wet, juicy kiss on the moon! The moon was embarrassed and vanished in an eclipse. But the sunrise was too bright and brought him out again.

The moon wept tears of silver. "No-one, but no-one," he said as he sobbed, "has ever kissed me before." The little shell and the fairy rushed to catch his tears which, cupped in their hands, they showed to Sunset before they threw the silver into space where the shimmering drops mixed with the beautiful shards of oranges, reds and purples that Sunset was releasing about her. The combination was magical and formed a rainbow bridge that stretched across space, stopping time just long enough for sunset and sunrise to become one.

Shell sat himself down on the moon, took off his goggles and turned to his fairy friend. “How long do you think they will stay together this time?”

“I give it a hundred years.” She twinkled and giggled as she flickered away into the rainbow.
Shell nodded and sighed at the moon. “You can stop crying now,” he said. Then he took out a small harmonica from his pocket and started to play.

Thanks to all of Minnies friends who helped put this gibberish together. Hope you enjoyed the end results.

Enjoy your week-end!


Wednesday, August 7, 2013

IWSG: And so I wrote a book, what now?

 Time for another round of the IWSG, created by the wonderful and amazing Captain Ninja, Alex Cavanaugh! Make sure you check out some of the great posts by other members of the INSECURE WRITERS SUPPORT GROUP  by clicking on the link.

And so I wrote a book. Around 70,000 words and yet the story could go on. I decided to write an epic tale, a series of books that would tell my story. I am not sure that I made the right decision.  My question is how do I know when to stop? Do I write a really big book, or do I write several smaller ones. Another question I have is, what do I do now? Should I go traditional and seek a publisher or should I go Indie and publish myself? I have a social networking platform, family and friends but I know that it takes a lot more than that to make a book sell. I never started this book with high hopes of making a lot of money. I just had a story to tell so I told it.

These were questions that I asked myself a few months ago and now my book Secrets of the Ash Tree is finished. I published it myself, and hired a company to do the basics because I did not want to wait. Looking for agents and publishers is something that I believe can be done later; after all, I still own the rights to my book. I had a friend do the cover for me, my son is doing the book video and I plan on doing a full scale launching of my book in October. I ask myself now, how do I launch a self-published book that is written in English in a country that does not, in general, read English books? Ok, my book is relevant to the culture of this country, Norse gods and fairytales are popular now, but my target audience? I really am skeptical as to how I will find them. Who really wants to read something other than a comic book version of Norse mythology? I would, but would anymone else want to?

Enjoy the rest of your week and come back on Friday to say hello to Minnie...She still could use some help with her story.