Monday, July 30, 2012

Tourist in Norway (Part 3)

Water falls…Yes it does, especially here in Norway. After a while we were all saying, “Oh look, another waterfall.” On our road trip through Norway we started counting the waterfalls and after 47 we forgot we were aiming for 50. There were just too many to count. The farther we got up into the mountains, the more of them there were. Imagine that every time you turned your head there was a waterfall or two, even three or four. I love the sound of running water, whether it is a creek, a river, the waves on an ocean or even just a fountain or rain. It is in our nature I believe.  We came from water, we are as water. Constantly changing and flowing through life we seek and eventually pour ourselves into something greater. If we are lucky we find peace in that. Take a drive with me. More stories soon.

Saturday, July 28, 2012

Tourist in Norway (Part 2)

My daughter was the trusty bug smacker on our trip. She loved swinging the electric racket and popping any unwanted intruders that dared to disturb our campsite. It was entertaining to watch her dance around and swing at the Viking Mosquitos. They never had a chance against her expertise.

My son had purchased a powerful flashlight for our entertainment. Who needs TV, with such talented shadow puppeteers and a good campfire! 

Being a tourist in Norway, it is important to find cheap entertainment after a long day of driving. Luckily it was not me who had to do the driving because the roads here in Norway over the mountains can be treacherous! My youngest son is a professional driver and even he had certain roads that gave him cause for worry. Trollstigen (Troll steps) is a good example. More stories to come. Hope you are all having a great week-end!

Friday, July 27, 2012

Tourist in Norway (Part One)

Camping In Norway

Troll Valley In Norefjell
My children and I took off on a 5 day road trip to explore some of Norway. My son who was visiting us from Denver Colorado wanted to see more Viking History, old Stave Churches and the Fjords. We packed up the car and the 4 of us headed up into the mountains. We called ourselves the Stave Church Hunters. In our pockets were plenty of coins, we had cooking equipment, our cooler was full of food and we had warm clothes…lots of warm clothes. If you are a tourist in Norway; coins, cooking equipment, cooler and warm clothes are important. That is if you are not rich, and have a gold card that lets you into hotels and eating establishments. 

Norway is one of the most expensive countries in the world to be a tourist in. For 60 dollars you get a little cabin with electricity, 2 bunk beds, a cooking plate and a fridge. You can walk to the shower and share it with others for 2 dollars of five minutes warm water. While you are on the road do not stop at the rest stops! They are free, but you might as well put your butt in a whole in the ground. Coins come once again handy because it costs around a dollar to use public restrooms. If you stop to eat a simple meal with a soda it will cost you around 30 dollars. I am talking hamburger and fries here. Museums, ferries, even churches have a large entrance fee. You got the point, so enough money talk. 

The scenery in Norway is beautiful, the history of Norwegian landscape breathtaking. Here is some of what saw, more of our adventures later. It was not always easy being a mom on a road trip, but it was a lot of fun! Have a great week-end!

Stave Church from 1100

Monday, July 23, 2012

What a feeling

Flash dance, what a feeling...Here today, gone tomorrow.

Time really is unfair. My son has left back to the states and although I feel lucky to have spent time with three of my children, my heart is heavy. Ying and yang, positive and negative, balance is what life is all about. Try to figure it out. Good luck with that. Hours with interruption have kept me busy for years trying to answer the simple question of “Why?” Have you heard the phrase, “What does not kill us, makes us stronger,” stronger for what? What, pray tell do we need to be so strong for? Why is everything so easy for some people and so hard for others? Why should some people get all the pain of sexual abuse, suicide, disease, death, poverty, betrayal, loss, and others skip through life on a basket of gold covered by a rainbow? You can work hard, be a good person, but that is no guarantee for a good life. Ying and yang I can understand. I just want to know who rolled the dice and why does the result seem so unfair. Maybe you on the other hand have lived life on a golden basket covered by a rainbow. Life is just a puzzle with pieces that make no sense. That is my conclusion, if you have a better answer I would love to hear it. Some pictures to share from his trip to Norway...Yes there is more, still trying to figure out this computer...
Viking graves in Stavern

Old Fort in Tonsberg

Wednesday, July 4, 2012

Insecure Writers Support Group and a Surprise

My tomato plants keeping me company

Tomato plants need sunlight, water, love and attention. Small seedlings grow into rich green foliage with flowers that turn into fruit, and with the proper support the plants continue to grow. Sometimes I like to think of stories as such. Each story is a wonderful addition to a garden rich with ideas to share. As a writer it is our job to give our stories the ability to grow and the support that they need to carry the fruit and share the harvest.  The Insecure Writers Support Group is also much like this, so this month I would like to give this group some sunlight, water, love and attention.  Remember that we are all part of this garden and by sharing and supporting each other; the fruit will only be sweeter.

My two sons met each other for the first time yesterday. Two peas in a pod, and my family garden is doing quite well. Tell me how does your garden grow?

I feel so tiny! Me and my sons, together for the first time.

Have a wonderful 4th of July for those who are celebrating it today!