Monday, April 28, 2014


All through the month of April, Minnie will help me explore the people, places and things that WE call creepy, strange and downright weird. To be honest, Minnie finds almost everything creepy and strange so having the entire alphabet at our disposal is going to be a challenge. You might find what we discover delightful, or you may agree with us. Please share your opinions either way. Have fun road-tripping the Alphabet by visiting others doing the challenge as well. To find out more on the A-Z blogging challenge follow the link.

Yes, we want to talk more about Aliens and the government because they both are creepy enough to deserve another letter. What we found out is that the truth IS really out there. You can find it where special agents Fox Mulder and Dana Sculley would never think to look--on the FBI's own Web site.

The FBI has been quietly posting documents on the Net about reported unidentified flying objects, alleged alien abductions, and unexplained animal mutilations. More than 1,600 pages dating back to the 1940's are now public on the site, although most contain blacked-out passages and missing names. The Freedom of Information Act have opened up files that may not reveal all there is to know about the possibility of life on other planets, but they give true believers--and even skeptics--a peek at the government's investigations into decades of mysterious sightings.

There are a total of 16,000 FOIA files online, including details about the 1962 Alcatraz Prison escape, Amelia Earhart's disappearance, and the agency's goods on Marilyn Monroe, Pablo Picasso, Elvis Presley, and Bonnie and Clyde. The agency plans to put up to 1.3 million documents on the Net.  "The institutional bureaucracy of the FBI has always been to keep anything that embarrassed the county or FBI a secret," said Dawson Rambo, who runs an extensive X-Files fan site. Andrus of the Mutual UFO Network suggested that the FBI's Web site itself could be part of a bigger government conspiracy. "The U.S. government has lied for over 50 years about UFOs and now no one wants to be put in the position to admit that," Andrus said. "So they have elected to leak the information out gradually. This latest FBI release is just part of that tactic."

One thing that we still have not learned after the freedom of information act has opened up files for the public is, "What really did happen to John F. Kennedy?" It seems that information is so devastating that a whole Generation has to die out before the truth is unveiled. Have you watched the show X-Files? Do you believe we have been visited by an alien life form? What do you think happened to JFK?


Alex J. Cavanaugh said...

A whole generation has to die out? Now I really want to know what happened.

shelly said...

I believe it. But then again I was an American Studies major. It pretty much jaded my thinking anyway. There are a lot of mysteries out there.

Hugs and chocolate!

Robin said...

Well... if an entire generation has to die before they release what really happened to JFK that says that it wasn't Lee Harvey Oswald. If it was... well, there wouldn't be anything to suppress, would there? I think our government killed him as do many others. (The government protects the government and the people responsible are also the people creating the Information Black Out. I suspect that when they are all dead the government will try to say... well, no need to worry all of the CORRUPT folks in government are dead. hahahahaha)

The only disagreement seems to surround the "Why?" I have theories, but they are only theories.

Roland D. Yeomans said...

As Anita Loos said on my blog: "When it comes to the government: when there is doubt, there is NO doubt!"

X-Files is popular today. I did my X yesterday to focus on Harper Lee today. :-)

Anonymous said...

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