Monday, May 23, 2011

Try Not To Trip!

 So you wanna play a game, do ya?

Mr. Magic himself, aka. Michael Di Gesu from In Time….caught me off guard. Yes, that’s right, he snuck up behind me when I least expected it and tagged me. I can still hear him laughing as he ran away yelling, “Tag, you’re it!” My little brother in Chicago has the cutest laugh, so even when he is trying to be a little devil it is impossible to see him as anything else but the cute, sweet and romantic little prince you will ever find in this make-believe world of blogging fun. If you have never visited his realm than put on a happy face and click your heals (oops, I mean finger) on the button that will get you there. MICHAELS MAGIC BUTTON
So before I can run off with my evil grin and wicked laugh I have to answer a few questions. If I tag you that means you have to do the same thing….hence, evil grin and wicked laugh….

So here are the questions.

Do you think you're hot?

At least a couple times a day, menopause will do that.

Upload a picture or wall paper that you are using at the moment.

You see the cat on the left side of my blog? Pet him and he will purr.

When was the last time you ate chicken?
The other day, “Chicken Little” ran up to me and asked me if I could kindly just eat him. He preferred being eaten to having the sky fall on top of him. I kindly granted his request, yet the sky is still there. Poor Chicken Little, I ate him for nothing.

The song/songs you listened to recently.

In a painting frenzy there is only one friend I need with me. Paint brush in hand, walls waiting to be stroked and with me, Pink Floyd learning to fly.

What were you thinking while doing this?

Will it rain, sure looks like it and the wind sounds like banshees outside my window.

Do you have any nicknames? What are they?
Who needs a nickname with a name like Siv? Although I have been called Steve by accident many times, yes my name rhymes with Steve.

Tag eight blogger friends...

Melynda Fleury  Crazy world   
Nadia Dreaming in Pixels
Renate The project

Who's listed as number one?

Melynda is like my twin, we have so much in common and have become great friends. I cannot go a day without reading her blog and I am always amazed at the crazy things that happen to her. She is funny, honest and completely lovable.

Say something about number five?
 Betty is the teacher I would have liked to have had in school. She is amusing, a great writer and a cat lover like me who often comes to my blog just to play with my cat.

How did you get to know number three?
Eliza I found by chance through Melyndas blog. She has me laughing so hard sometimes that my husband on the other side of the house has to rush over to see what is so funny. She is not only very funny but also extremely heartwarming.

How about number four?
Roland is such a talented writer and he is becoming a valued friend. I always look forward to reading his blog and I love getting mail from him…I have a small crush on him, that’s true.

Leave a message for number six?
Shelly when running around in Central Park a GPS is a good idea. Shelly is my number one Mythology fan and I am quickly becoming a big fan of hers as well. So Shelly, what is a frag Queen?

Leave a lovey- dovey message for number two?
Jeff you are my “cutie guy boy toy,” but don’t tell Mrs. C. You are constantly cracking me up with your crazy sense of humor. Us girls like that honest sense of humor, we find it very sexy.

Do number seven and number eight have similarities? Nadia and Renate are both about the same age and are both Scandinavians. Renate is from Norway and Nadias mother is from Finland. Both are very sweet girls that put their hearts out there. Nadia is a new friend and almost daughter in law. Both these wonderful women and their blogs are well worth checking out!

So here I go running away, screaming and laughing, “TAG YOUR IT!”


KarenG said...

Michael is your little brother? Did I read that right? Fun post!

GigglesandGuns said...

What a refreshing way to do this!

Siv Maria said...

Karen, Michael is my "soul" brother...LOL! I have adopted him and he has adopted me :)

Roland D. Yeomans said...

I think everyone would like Michael as their little brother or soul brother. If they are very lucky, they will be able to call him friend.

As I am lucky to be able to call your friend. Did you know that your little cat will meow if you put your cursor on his head?

Did you know that your birthday and mine are the exact same? Does that make us Zodiac cousins? I know some have claimed I'm a maniac! LOL.

Craziness abounds said...

I'm gonna beat you and then hug you big time! You are so stinking sweet! I guess I'm doing this tomorrow but I'll have to pick different people since you got a couple of mine. I'm thinking up something evil to do back to you lady lol
Oh and I would have put that video on the post but I can't figure out how to do it. I got it on my blog by accident lmao

Dafeenah said...

How do you get him to purr? he just looks at my "mouse"

Bossy Betty said...

Great answers! You know I am in love with that cat!

Bossy Betty said...

OH I have been tagged! I tend to freeze up when that happens!

Michael Di Gesu said...

Blushing all over the place. What a sweet and caring intro..... You are the best big sis!

I cracked up with you hot statement ... TOO FUNNY!