Friday, July 22, 2011


There is absolutely no way today could be less inspiring. Someone up there has decided to clean house, the buckets of dirty water from heavens floor are being emptied in my garden. Now if we could just get a wonderful thunderstorm I could be content and my muse would not be such a pout. It is Friday and although that does not hold much excitement for me, I am sure that many of you out there are really excited about something. I know of two personally, my son the Musician is meeting his father the Biker tomorrow for the first time. Wonder how that is going to turn out don't you? Come back on Monday and maybe I will have something to share.

Yes this is me, 5 years old maybe.
Four months ago I started this blog as a form of self therapy. I just wanted someplace to rant and rave and I thought that maybe I would get lucky and find someone else listening. Let me tell you friends this blog has been much better than any doctors couch. Yesterday after I posted my blog about my mother I really felt a weight being lifted. The response each and everyone of you gave me was heartwarming, and I want to thank all of you for that. The friends I am making in this little cyber community are a unexpected bonus. Your encouragement and support mean the world to me. There has been so much going on lately that it takes me awhile to get around to everyone but I am trying as best I can. I do not always post but that does not mean I have not been knocking on your door. Today I am celebrating 4 months blogging, 369 members, and 27880 Views from 120 different countries. Once again I am sharing with you my very first post which should explain my sometimes crazy behavior.

Excuse me for being such a criminal. I must confess that sometimes I have done some pretty terrible things. I have tried to get out of paying for a TV license because I just don’t like being told what to watch on TV, seems to me commercial TV works just fine Mr. NRK. Well, I don’t do that anymore, I hardly watch TV but I pay the license anyways because that is just the way things are.

There was a time when I used to steal as well. I stole bags to put my groceries in. I confess, I was one of those customers. Just didn’t seem right to pay for carrying home merchandise and paying for the stores advertising at the same time. Food is expensive enough. Well I don’t do that anymore either. I have reformed and do my best now to recycle, avoiding plastic whenever I can. This is not an easy task because it seems to be everywhere. I guess that is just the way things are.

Thank God the stores are doing such a good job at keeping us honest. There was not always a time when I put the grocery cart back in its proper space, and there used to be a time when I parked without picking up one of those little tickets that allow us to use their store for an allotted time (which seems to be getting shorter). Lucky thing there are parking police out there keeping us honest as well. 5 minutes in the store could cost you 500 kroner and God help you if you cannot manage to squeeze your car into one of those little spaces, you get napped for that one too. As I have been told, that’s just the way things are.

As it so happens that being the criminal I am, I also use tobacco. Now I know it is not good for me and I really do want to quit. After all not only is it not good for me but it is getting so difficult to buy. We need tickets for that now as well. Now if a criminal like me where trying to quit I could buy patches or gum without a ticket. You can just ask for that at the counter. Why these so called little helpers to us “Criminal addicts” are so expensive is a question that I would really like answered. Heroin addicts seem to get better and cheaper help. Well I guess that’s just the way things are.

Being the hardcore criminal that I am, I once tried to commit fraud. Remember the time when 10 øre was still alive? I once went to the store and tested this mythical mint. If an item in the store cost 70 øre I wanted to see if I could buy it for that price. I put the item on the counter and tried to give the cashier 70 øre. She said “No sorry, 1 kroner please.” You got me; I tried to pay for something with money that did not exist even though that is the price they wanted for it. Once again I just have to say it; I guess that’s just the way things are.

Lucky for me that the rules keep changing, the taxes keep going up and the work force is becoming nothing more than a temporary employment agency. There is still something to be said for being a criminal like me in the world we live in today. So maybe I shouldn’t say excuse me at all and maybe I should not listen anymore when someone tries to tell me “That’s just the way things are.”

Any of you out there criminals? Fess up and share your crimes, I won't tell anyone! Have a nice week-end everyone and try to stay out of jail!


Alex J. Cavanaugh said...

This community is really awesome.
I'm a criminal behind the wheel because I speed. Always.

Elisabeth Hirsch said...

I'm so glad that I met you through blogging ;) That post you wrote yesterday was amazing.

You know, it really is neat how liberating a blog can be. I feel so much better after writing that memoir of mine. Kind of crazy ;)

Anonymous said...

Well if we are counting tobacco use and speeding count me in. I'm a criminal of the worst kind. lol Trying to quit to but the smokes just don't want to leave me alone. They seem to call to me every time i'm in the store. sigh
I am very happy to count you as one of my friends. Blogging is an amazing way to be able to express yourself. Well in my case it backfires half the time but you know why. lol

Liz Fichera said...

I agree with you that blogging can be very therapeutic. No criminal activity here, although I do drive over the speed limit more often than I should. Hey, I live in Arizona. Lots of wide open spaces. ;-) By the way, I love that pic of you!!

Talli Roland said...

I admit to sometimes not paying the 5p per plastic bag when I use the self-check-out! Now I feel guilty...

Josh Hoyt said...

THis is a great community and I have learned so much from it. It has been great to get to know you!

sue said...

I agree it's been an unexpected joy meeting such a supportive group of people.
I'm thinking of the people of Norway right now. My heart goes out to your country. I trust that you, your family and friends are safe. Sending thoughts from way down here. Sue

Kara said...

I am so curious about your son meeting his father for the first time as I've never met mine before either. I don't even know his name.
- and I'm also a criminal smoker. There. That's enough confessions for one day, don't you think?