Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Important information for you (this is NOT a solicitation)

This is how the Musician and I started our latest journey together:

Important information for you (this is NOT a solicitation)
May 10, 2011
Hello Siv Ottem;
I hope you do not mind this email but I located your email addresses via Facebook. I work at Lutheran Social Service of Minnesota and am trying to reach you with some important confidential information. The information dates back to 1976. Would it be possible for you to email me back so that I know that you are in receipt of this email.
Due to the confidentiality I am hesitant to write very much here, but, let me know you received this and we can go from there. My phone number in Minneapolis at LSS is xxxxxxxxxxxx
Thank you so much and I hope that we can be in touch soon!

PS I believe I have reached the right person but would just need to confirm some information, before presenting the confidential information that I have. Thank you very much!

The Musician traveled to Minnesota last Friday to meet his sisters for the first time. Minnesota was a familiar place since he had grown up there, but having sisters was unknown territory. Growing up without siblings he had always wondered what it would be like. “What would they look like, would they look like me--Would they like the same things I do?” These and about 100 other questions had been running through his head for years. Through Skype they have been getting to know each other, the questions answered, now they were about to come face to face. On the plane from Denver to Minnesota his anticipation and nerves were made easier by the steady hand of his girlfriend. What had taken his lifetime to learn was standing in front of him, but not for long. He learned in less than a second where he belonged, and that was in his sisters arms.

Outside the Mpls. Airport-The Artist, The Musician and The Traveler

Uncle to these two elves at Como Zoo

The Artist with her family, The Traveler and Musician with their family too.

So whats next? After a long week-end with lots of exploring, reunions with friends, shopping at the Mall of America and grilling it is time to head home to Denver. This time the Musicians carry-on is a bit heavier. His sister, the Traveler is going  home with him. The journey continues.

"Hi Mom, is it weird seeing me on Skype over here?"

What about me? Well I booked my ticket to the States for October 8th. We all celebrate our birthdays that month and it should be one fantastic Birthday marathon.


JRo - Jaye Robin Brown said...

I just recently started following you - but this story warms my heart. You are my third friend to have an adoption reconnection story in the past few years. One friend, in her late 30's found her birthmother, then her birthfather and it has been great all around. Another friend and neighbor, just found her birthdaughter, and again, a marvelous reunion. Aren't we lucky to live in a world where such an abundance of family and opportunity arises for whatever stage and need we have in our lives. I'm so glad your questions are being answered and that hole can now be filled.

Elisabeth Hirsch said...

October will be so awesome! You have such good looking kids. ;)

Hart Johnson said...

Oh, what a gorgeous trio, and they look very much alike. I'm sure for the Musician, who has been wandering alone, this is amazing to find a place for himself.

shelly said...

Aww...this is great!

Michael Di Gesu said...

YAY! You're coming to the states!

What an AMAZING reunion that will be! I am thrilled for you Sis. I really do hope we get a chance to connect as well. After your reunion with your kid, of course. That is something your immediate family needs to experience privately.

Great pics.... They all LOOK so HAPPY. Your heart must be ready to explode.

Furry Bottoms said...

Your kids definitely match!! They look alike!

Bossy Betty said...

Yeah! These reunions warm my heart! How exciting for you!

KarenG said...

How thrilling!!!

Anonymous said...

I'm so stinking excited for you. I hope it all works out great. I'm glad they are all getting along so well. I'm happy for you my friend. sometimes that old saying Good things come to those that wait. Really is true isn't it?

Hilary said...

Hi Siv .. that is absolutely wonderful news .. so pleased and so happy for you .. bet you're itching for the days to go by .. Fantastic to read .. Hilary

Karen Walker said...

Siv, this gave me the chills. Bet October just can't come fast enough.

Francine Howarth said...


Lovely images: reflecting abundance of happiness!


Linda H. said...

Well, that'll be one hell of a trip in October. Have a super time.

GigglesandGuns said...

What a great month that will be!
Thanks for sharing all of this :D

Anonymous said...

Are you not posting today or is it doing the same thing as the other day?