Monday, March 14, 2011

Isn't Life Insane?

This blogging is new to me. I have been doing it for just a week now and I am still trying to find my rhythm and work out the details on my page. Now I have been told that a lot of my posts so far have been sarcastic and bitchy. Too bad, sometimes that is how I feel and to be honest this blog is a way for me to empty my head and share my opinions, good and bad.
I am not a smiley go-go girl that lives between pink walls. I call it as I see it and more often than not I probably see black or grey and seldom white. Pastels? NEVER!
Today I thought I would share some of my poetry with you. Mondays always leave me with more of a left over feeling than a new start. I call Mondays, rubber…Rubber Mondays. Go ahead and say it, it feels so good when the words bounce right out of your mouth, like singing and talking at the same time.

Isn’t life insane?

Alice lost her alligator shoes on the way to the store yesterday  
My friends whom I've never known took a swim in my pool
Isn’t life insane?
The winter glass cuts like a knife
Who am I to complain?
Life is just insane
Eating green eggs and ham every day
Some doctor told me
I would get better that way
Found some nursery rhyme about a women in a shoe
I know what to do
Found the moon staring at my closet
What a better way to start the day
More coins in my pocket
But someone else got it
Took a train to the fair
Started losing my hair
Left the man on the street
He was going nowhere
Got a parking ticket for staying to long
Listening to the same old song
Isn ’t  life just insane?

This week I am also including daily correspondences. This is the magick that nature uses to perform a perfect symphony. You put all the right elements together and magick is possible. I have been interested in Wicca for a long time and although I do not do spells, I have dabbled in Astrology, numerology, tarot and Rune casting. I also have a large selection of crystals and gemstones, but all this for another day. Check back again tomorrow for tuesdays information.

Magickal Intentions: Psychic Sensitivity, Women's Mysteries, Tides, Waters, Emotional Issues, Agriculture, Animals, Female Fertility, Messages, Theft, Reconciliations, Voyages, Dreams and Merchandise
Incense: African Violet, Honeysuckle, Myrtle, Willow, Wormwood
Planet: Moon
Sign: Cancer
Angel: Gabriel
Colors: Silver, White and Gray
Herbs/Plants: Night Flowers, Willow Root, Orris Root, Birch, Motherwort, Vervain, White Rose and White Iris
Stones: Carnelian, Moonstone, Aquamarine, Pearl, Clear Quartz, Fluorite, Geodes
Oil: (Moon) Jasmine, Lemon, Sandalwood
Monday belongs to the Moon. Monday's energy best aligns itself with efforts that deal with women, home and hearth, the family, the garden, travel, and medicine. It also boosts rituals involving psychic development and prophetic dreaming.

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Anonymous said...

HI! Thanks for following me. Norway? How fascinating. I don't think your post are bitchy at all! They are funny. If you start reading mine you'll see I do some weird stuff also. I just like to write. Great blog I'll be following you back!