Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Ignorant on purpose

What is political correct? I don’t think I have ever been particularly political or correct. A lot of things confuse me and I find it to be an art form to be consciously ignorant. Am I mad or is it the rest of the world?
I prefer to avoid the news whenever possible. It is just too depressing. The media is dictating more and more how we live our lives. News addiction can lead to depression and increased anxiety. I have seen it firsthand. My mother dresses for a storm everyday even though she rarely leaves her room. She makes a point of telling me about all the new products that she just has to try. I don’t have the heart to tell her it is the same thing but with new packaging.

The power of the media and the power of marketing; mix in a little politics and we have royalty. Marketing keeps royalty around, and this seems to be a bit desperate. What does a king or queen do anyways? The images they create which we pay for with our taxes at least give us the right to hate some of those hats. After all we are paying for all those fancy fashion trips to New York and Paris. Royalty is not even royal anymore. A prince can go into which ever town he chooses and just pick out the prettiest girl there. If you are a prince chances are that she will marry you. As far as I know, royalty is something you are born into, not something you “win” in the lottery but as I said, I am ignorant and on purpose.

Living in a foreign country; I am basically confused all the time. I find it confusing that known terrorists live here, get fed and a roof over their heads and we pay for that with our tax money. Sometimes different cultures are hard to get used to but there has to be a line drawn somewhere. I once worked in a hotel where the employees wore uniforms, yet there was this Muslim maid that just had to wear pants under her uniform. There was actually a court case here involving a Muslim police woman that wanted to wear her head dress, (there is a name for that piece of apparel but I cannot remember what it is) what’s that about? I thought a uniform was a uniform. You don’t want to wear the uniform, get another job. Religion and uniforms only belong side by side if you work in the church. Then again, what do I know? The world is changing so fast that it is hard to keep up, especially when one is purposely ignorant.

After 911 it is so hard to travel, and it has gotten so complicated that many are just too afraid to fly. What about the elderly? I bet the numbers of elderly flyers have really been reduced! Those poor people never get the chance to visit grandchildren, if God forbid they should live in another country. Tell an elderly woman to take of her shoes you might as well tell her to dance hip hop. I on the other hand was almost not let back into this country because I did not have the proper stamp in my passport. The fact that I had been living in Norway for over 20 years, my family was waiting for me, and I had a Norwegian I.D. made no difference at all. I was told I could have made all that up. Silly ignorant me, I should have known that there were so many people trying to escape the USA to sneak into Norway. Maybe I should learn to be more political, or at least correct.

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