Thursday, March 1, 2012


What do you see?

Today I am planning on telling you about the Wyrd Sisters, but first I want to tell you about my WEIRD sister. We do not share the same blood, but some of our brain cells must come from the same "God Space" (if there is such a space.) I know for a fact that our funny bone is connected to the same virtual nerve endings.

At a young age there are many children who find it necessary to have a make believe friend. Mine was born out of loneliness, as I imagine most are. She was a bit awkward and weird, but she was also funny, daring, loyal and most definitely brave. As I grew older she disappeared, but the memory of her has stayed with me. Imagine my surprise when 40 years later I found her in living flesh. In this community, this wide and vast invisible network, there she was. She looked like her, talked like her and acted just like her. She quickly made her way into my heart and I can honestly call her my friend. What started out as a figment of my imagination became very real indeed. It isn't often that you can meet someone who just gets you from the start.

Her name is Melynda and not long ago in connection with the Insecure Writers Support Group I mentioned her, and the fact that she needed our help. On Friday, which is tomorrow, she is going to have a serious surgery on her eyes. She has been going blind for some time now. If you are a writer, you can imagine how devastating this is and how her life has changed. Her friend and neighbor Elisa has decided to secretly help her pay for the hospital bills by publishing a book that Melynda has written. That book is now available and so is the chance for you to do something good today. Not just for her, but for yourself as well. I have already bought my copy and I am so looking forward to reading and laughing about her "Crazy World."

Do you ever just skip over things and say to yourself or others, "What difference does it make?" Believe me, sometimes what you do really does make a difference and this time is one of them. Please go to one of these links and buy her book. Put a smile on your face, and someone else who really needs a good smile these days.

Here are the links for where you can purchase Melynda's book:

Here's the initial post Elisa wrote about what we're trying to do for her :)

Thanks for your help.

Now let me tell you about the Wyrd Sisters. Yes, I spelled it right! This is Norse Mythology so of course the spelling is a bit weird.

The original Wyrd Sisters were the three Norns, the Norse Goddesses of destiny. In Norse mythology they are female beings who rule the destiny of gods and men. These three fatalists can be found tending the ash tree Yggdrasil in Doomstead. They are Past, Present and Future, spinning your destiny at this very moment. URD does fate, VERDANDI does present and SKULD the future.

They are also engaged in tapestry work of such complexity that nothing ever gets finished. Until one of their Destiny tapestries is completed confusion and uncertainty will rule the three Norns. SKULD who is the youngest and most beautiful also takes time off to serve with the VALKYRIES (which I will be telling you about soon) on a voluntary basis. URD and VERDANDI are looking at you right now as they spin and spin away. Now I am wondering, what difference will it make.

Have a most pleasant day, and remember to be kind to yourself. It really is not Nonsense at all. Blogfest anyone?



shelly said...

I don't know Mylenda but I'll be glad to purchase one of her books. True friends are a good thing to have.

cherie said...

You're a true friend. And it does make a difference. I'll pray for your friend Melynda (and will purchase her book, too.)

Elisabeth Hirsch said...

This is such an amazing post! You're such a blessing to all of us, Siv.

Morgan said...

Love true friends... especially in this business. Mylenda seems very talented and thanks for sharing :D

Alex J. Cavanaugh said...

I've never had an imaginary friend come to life! I'll get the book from Smashwords so I can download it on my iPad.

Anonymous said...

I think you are all determined to make my eyes fall out crying today! I love you Siv! What a wonderful friend you are to me.. Your words above go both ways! You have been there for me non stop also! Big hugs my friend. and thank you

Melissa Bradley said...

You are such a great friend and supporter, Siv. I'll have to get a copy.

I never really got the Wyrd Sisters before. Thanks for sharing. :)