Monday, November 26, 2012

Shopping with Minnie

In order to give more people time to play I am leaving this post up for awhile longer.

Minnie is here again stuffed with dreams full of left over turkey and ready to play Gibberish with all those shoppers and nonshoppers ready to take a break for some fun. Want to join her? Just keep the story going in the comments. Not sure how? Check out the rules HERE-

With unpolished old shoes Black Friday crossed the parking lot. Her handbag full of worn out plastic hung from her tattered jacket as she took out the keys to the back door of her favorite store and sneaked inside, where waiting for her was…..?
Alex J. Cavanaugh of Santa's elves. He demanded to know why the earmuffs and bar soaps were not half price. When she tried to explain she didn't work there, he..(Your turn...)


Alex J. Cavanaugh said...

Come on guys - I left it wide open!

Shelly said...

he placed a red elf cap on her head and handed her a pricing gadget. "Fix all the prices in the store to half price."

Minnie's mouth fell open, and her cigarette landed on the floor.

"What are you standing there for?" Santa said. "Get your Kringle-jingle on, girl."

Minnie scratched at her red dress and...

Anonymous said...

headed straight for the beer/wine cooler! Once inside away from view of all customers, managers and Santa, Black Friday proceeded to...

Pearson Report said...

...sit down.
Right there on the shelf before her was her favourite wine, Wild Irish Rose, and just as she reached for a bottle, she heard a creaking sound.

Looking below the shelf she saw a little door, just big enough for a bony gal to crawl through...she got on all fours and crawled toward it.

Light poured out of from around the little doors ill fitting frame. She opened the door and...

Pearson Report said...

Ah...since I submitted a little piece I realize comment verification is, my little piece of the story was fashion after Magical Mystical MiMi's piece.

Not sure if that matters!

Great mind stretching bit of fun!

Suzanne Furness said...

peered in. A funny little man dressed in a green smock sat on a wonky three legged stool slurping from a bottle of beer.

"What yer lookin at?" he grinned exposing a set of broken teeth.