Monday, February 27, 2012

Space Fire Ninja- Complete GIBBERISH

Minnie is suffering from her date with Oscar which started here in Norway at 1 am on the red carpet, and ended at 6 am under a blanket. On her way to another party she stopped by to drop off the gibberish she has been chewing on all week-end. It gave her quite a bit of heartburn!

"I'd like to get extremely close and incredibly loud with that Frenchman!Leaving Oscar - we got nothing in common anymore!"

Space Fire Ninja

Fire flying over to the boundless space of a song, captured an adventure and set it free. As it stared in to the smoke of a Ninja it felt like a delicate chocolate cream pie floating down into an eternal abyss, an incredible essence tried to turn it into a mist of ice. Only by taking a looong look at the ocean did it dance around in triangles to the tune of "Roll out the barrel" and off it was to find a mate. It soared over the ocean and plunged into its depths, upon finding a squid sadness that so many more adventures were yet tied to the notes of a song.

Yes, sadness as it had no arms to play the music. But wait! By suing it's cream filling it could be the air, or trees falling. The blue forest came undone like the earth had tilted westward toward the tribes of the Inubi people, with their huge cloaks made of black silk and white feathers sharps as samari swords. Their huge elaborate birdcage hairstyles swayed like glittering threads as they surrounded the space of a song and threw it into the dreams of a fire ninja where it belonged.

The talented members of CPSWA that have written this Gibberish in order are:



On another note, does anyone else think it strange that a silent movie, (where in my opinion a dog stole the leading role) won the Oscar this year for best picture? I tried to watch that movie, but to be honest if I wanted to watch subtitles in black and white, I would watch a foreign film.


Alex J. Cavanaugh said...

And another great gibberish tale is created!
Yes, I thought it was strange. I don't like old silent films so I doubt a new silent film will change my mind.

Misha Gericke said...

I'd like to see it so that I can make up my mind. :-)

Stephanie V said...

Great story we wrote!

I have trouble enough watching 'talkies'...I couldn't knit at all while watching a silent movie.

Geoff Maritz said...

Argh! I missed this one. Oh well Minnie, I'll see you next month end, Geoff.

Alleged Author said...

This was super cute!

Anonymous said...

That's mighty fine gibberish. :)

I don't care much for silent movies.

McKenzie McCann said...

I like it, and it tied up at the end in some weird way.

I was surprised that a (mostly) silent film won, but maybe it was something about a lost art form's return that appealed to people. I can't really talk, didn't see it.