Thursday, April 14, 2011

Need some help from the experts out there

Here is the thing guys my daughter is going stateside soon, so I thought she could buy something for me. I am hoping you smart and wise shoppers could help me out. Give me the lowdown. I am finally going off the deep end and taking a dive into E-READER water so help me decide:

Any other suggestions?

I love  my books but there are so many great e-books out there that I do not have access to and alot of them are your books guys. Now how else am I supposed to read the great stuff I am hearing about? Oh, and just so you know, nook nor kindle or any other e-reader is available here in Norway. At least not that I have found and if they were I am sure it would cost a small fortune. So lets hear what you guys have to say...PLEASE...


Michael Di Gesu said...

I am totally into anything APPLE. I have a macbook, Ipod, Iphone and Will have an IPAD when I get the extra money. They are amazing.

Now I do currently have a kindle and it's great too. For the money it gives you everything you want for a reader.

IPAD is top it does more and if you want a devise that does EVERYTHING then that is the one for you.

I hope this helps.

Jennifer Hillier said...

I have a Kindle and am pretty happy with it... but I drool over the iPad. Books just look so beautiful on it. Are you the kind of person who is able to stare at a bright screen for hours at a time? If so, go with the iPad!

nutschell said...

I have a kindle and I love it to death. I can input audiobooks, as well as my own notes (i can transpose word docs into kindle files using a free software program called stanza) into it. It's extremely useful for writing/reading related endeavors.

The Ipad is cool as well, and if you want to do more than read, and you don't mind getting distracted with all its different functions (like games, various applications, etc), then this might be something you can go for.

So i guess if you want something just for reading go for the kindle. If you want a mini computer in your hands--go for the ipad. :P


M Pax said...

I've heard a lot of good things about Kindle. They're on sale right now for $114.

Here's a site comparing:

Susan Kane said...

I would love an iPad, but know that is out of reach. A Kindle? More possible. And it is easier to monitor, if in the hands of a teenager.

Kari Marie said...

I love my Kindle. Have her check on global usage before buying. I seem to remember they used to sell one for use outside the US, but perhaps that has changed.

The ability to listen to audio books or your own music is nice too. I can put in PDFs of my own novels to proof as well as other things.

It's light and has an easy to read screen. If you read in low light, you will need a book light. iPads are awesome for all sorts of things not related to book reading. They are a bit heavier so my carpal tunnel prefers the Kindle.

Manzanita said...

I have a kindle and I like it for fiction but I read a lot of technical books and I like to mutilate them. For that I prefer the pages so I can write notes, etc. You can do that on the kindle too but naah, I want paper.
Wanna buy a duck

Shannon Young said...

I would definitely recommend a Kindle. I bought mine in the US just before moving to Hong Kong. At the time you couldn't download books on the Nook outside the US. I don't know if that is still true. I have never had any trouble buying books on my Kindle from HK.

The page looks just like paper and does not cause the sort of eye strain that can happen with a backlit screen. If you want to watch movies, play games, and access other media you should go for the iPad, but if you only want to read nothing beats the Kindle.

Rachel said...

I'm not sure about the availability of books outside the U.S., so you might check into that before you buy one, but Kindle has over 850,000 books, magazines, and newspapers available. You can also put your own Audible books on it, and you can transfer a lot of EBooks to your Kindle from various places around the web as long as they're in .mobi format. I LOVE my Kindle.
The other suggestion I have is to get an IPhone, because you can download all the EReader apps for the IPhone, without actually having to own the devices. So on your IPhone, you can have the BNook app, the Kindle app, etc., and then all you have to buy is the books. Apple's IPhone also has the IBooks app with its own bookstore store which is wonderful. And another friend of mine has an app for her IPhone called Stanza, and she loves it.
So I would say buy a Kindle, and IPhone, or both if you possibly can.

Leovi said...

I have not tried either. Books word I pdf, the step to mp3 with a program called TextAloud mp3, des pcapitulos because it divided into 5 to 10 minutes and listen to strolling. Greetings.

Lauracea said...

Kindle! I'd love an i-pad but it's too expensive and since I have a notebook I don't see the need for an i-pad. Kindles are smaller too so easy to pack away. There is a cheap version coming out just now for $114. It comes with advertisements though.

Debbie said...

Kindle is afforable and heard lots of great things... Ipad is great but expensive! I would go with kindle..

Amy said...

Kindle would be my call.

I think you have to be in the U.S for the Nook. Apparently it only updates properly when you enter a Barnes and Noble store or something like that...