Tuesday, October 15, 2013

Norse Gods Giveaway Winners and more

This is the first time I tried a giveaway and I must confess that I am rather dissapointed in the turnout. There were very few who participated so the same few names kept coming up as I pushed the pick a winner button. Here are the winners of my giveaway:

 a Rafflecopter giveaway

Now I am wondering why there were so few entries. Do you think that giveaways have overflooded the market? Are people getting tired of Rafflecopters? Anyways, congratulations to the winners! 

A reminder that anyone who bought my book during the blogfest can email me a copy of their amazon order receipt and I will send them a signed copy of the Freya illustration done by my talented daughter.

Any thoughts you would like to share with me regarding my blog tour? Did you like the interviews with the gods? Did you like my book trailer for Secrets of the Ash Tree?

E.J. Wesley has revealed his cover for the fourth book in his Moonsong series, Dragon's Game.

It will 'officially' go on sale October 22nd at Amazon, Barnes & Noble, and Smashwords.

Jenny Moonsong recently inherited the title of "monster hunter" and an ancient tribal journal/how-to manual passed down by her Apache ancestors. She has already faced a werewolf, witches, and a troll. But nothing could prepare her for her latest confrontation...

Dragon's Game, Moonsongs Book 4, finds Jenny out of her rural West Texas element, searching for an evil witch in an urban Houston nightclub. After attempting to help a handsome and mysterious stranger out of a jam, she finds herself on the run from a ruthless gang who are even more dangerous than they initially appear.

Forced into a twisted game of life and death, Jenny must navigate the complexity of a budding relationship, and somehow survive a night filled with unexpected horror and paranormal mystery.

Dragon's Game is approximately 14,000 words or 45 pages, and is the fourth volume of the Moonsongs Books, an ongoing series of New Adult, speculative / urban fantasy novelettes by author E.J. Wesley.

(These stories contain language and content better suited for readers 17+)

New Adult Fall Fling Deal: Also for a limited time you can catch up on the entire Moonsongs series as well as other great books for just .99 cents (regularly $2.99)!


On another note, this is October and preparations for Halloween are underway. Well, not so much here in Norway, but I have always loved Halloween! Roland Yeomans is having a Happy Halloween Blogfest and I have signed up to have some spooky fun. Check out his blog for more details!

--- "You have from October 1st to Halloween to post about the book which scared you the most as a young reader and the book which scared you the most as an adult."


Alex J. Cavanaugh said...

Congratulations to the winners!
I guess it depends on the giveaway. I've noticed ones using Rafflecopters don't have as many entrants, especially really long ones with so many options for entering.

Karen Walker said...

I don't have a clue, Siv I rarely participate because I'd rather purchase the book and support the author that way, which I did. I'd love the illustration, so I'll email you the receipt, if I kept it. Congrats on your book tour and your book. It's beautiful. It's next on my TBR pile.

Siv Ottem said...

Alex- I kept mine short for that very reason.

Karen- Thanks for buying my book. Send me your address so I can get the illustration to you :)

Melissa said...

My reasons for not entering giveaways vary. Sometime I already have the book and don't want to chance taking that prize from someone who doesn't. Sometimes it's because I'm helping the author promote and feel I should stay on that side of it, not the visitors'. Sometimes I just don't feel like it or don't want the prizes badly enough to enter.

The number of Rafflecopter entry options doesn't turn me away, though, as long as I can pick and choose. I won't do the Facebook ones. Once in a while, a Rafflecopter will have a mandatory FB entry that opens all the others. I don't enter those.

One prize that *will* get me to enter, especially if it's the only one offered, is a gift card to Amazon. ;) ...as if I need any more books on my Kindle. hahaha xD

Congrats to the winners. :)

Suzanne Furness said...

I enjoyed the gods blog hop, I learnt a lot of new things. I don't use Facebook, Goodreads, Pinterest etc so giveaways that require a follow from those I don't enter if that's the only way to get an entry. Hope the tour was a success for you and congrats to the winners.

D.G. Hudson said...

I agree with much that Melissa said. When there are too many qualifications to enter, I don't enter those draws especially if FB is a requirement or Twitter both of which I don't do. Your RC I did enter because I liked your prizes and you didn't clutter up the requirements.

Congrats to all the other winners, I was surprised to see my name there. Best of luck with the sales, Siv!

I'm already signed up for Roland's blogfest. It should be fun. It took me a while to remember the book that scared me.

shelly said...

I try to keep my giveaway as simple as possible. If there's too much stuff to fill out, peeps will run.

Tweeted and shared!

Hugs and chocolate to you, Siv!


Roland D. Yeomans said...

Congratulations to all the winners. Thanks for signing up for my first (and probably last) blogfest.

Shelly is right: simple is best which means no rafflecopter I guess. I use the computer-generated selector I used in high school for selecting winners in my contests at school for my students.

I gave 6 weeks for people to just write a post on what book scared them the most and mentioning (just mentioning) LUCIFER'S ORPHAN. A review would give them a second entry. Pretty simple right? Only 5 have entered. The prize? A Brad Pitt autographed photo from WWZ.

I offer a photo signed by the ENTIRE CAST of the AVENGERS plus a separate signed photo of Scarlett Johansen PLUS two autographs of ANTHONY HOPKINS (ODIN) AND CHRIS HEMSWORTH (THOR)--

To be chosen when 10 reviews of THE LEGEND OF VICTOR STANDISH are turned in. (You can join Audible for 30 days free, listen to Victor for FREE, then cancel).

So what happens? Audible itself gives it ONE STAR without listing the review. You wrote a fine review. And I wrote a review of Lee Harpster's performance.

The Avengers cast photo is worth hundreds of dollars. Sigh. There are just too many giveaways I guess. And we won't talk about how much the Henry Fonda GRAPES OF WRATH photo for my BADLANDS giveaway is worth.

I need Miley Cyrus to mention my books while she is twerking on stage I guess. :-)

Susan Kane said...

I purchased my book through Amazon and am looking forward to getting it!

E.J. Wesley said...

First, I'm definitely biased, but I thought your tour rocked! Very original and clever take on the "same old blog tour". Every entry I read was a lot of fun, and it tied nicely to your book. So A+ from me on that one.

Second, I actually really liked your giveaway because it offered something unique and tied to your book. It wasn't just a "here's a Kindle, enter!" kind of giveaway. However, it does seem that giftcards offer the most draw, so maybe next time offer a couple of unique things alongside a gift card or two (they don't have to be for large amounts I've discovered). Just something to try...

Third, thank you so much for giving my cover a shout today! Really, really appreciate it. :)

Lastly, congrats to all the winners! They'll have to let us know how the chocolates are. :)

Siv Ottem said...

Thanks for the great comments everyone!

Susan- Send me your address if you want me to send you the illustration as well :)

Christine Rains said...

Yay! I'm so excited to have won! Thanks so much. :) I actually have the same problem with my giveaways. I think maybe I'm doing too many? I'm getting a very good response for my Goodreads giveaway. Over 500 entries and only half the month is gone by. So that's something I suggest to get more exposure. But I do wonder about these Rafflecopter ones on blogs. You offered fantastic prizes, though.

Michael Di Gesu said...

Hey, Sis,

I thought your tour was fun and VERY original! Sorry you didn't have a bigger turnout.

LOVED the trailer! As you know.

Congrats to EJ on his newest book! All the best!