Saturday, October 12, 2013

Interview with LOKI

Wikimedia commons-Loki's flight to Jotunheimen

Loki can be found lurking around at Susan Roebucks blog today. Head over to her blog and see what that trickster has to say.

Susan was my critique partner and often muse for my book 'Secrets of the Ash Tree.' She kept pushing me on and inspiring me at times when I was ready to give up. Susan was a big help with my writing and continues to be a valued friend!

Here is a small excerpt about Loki from my book Secrets of the Ash Tree:

Loki had come so close to getting the necklace and had it not been for the interference of that brat Forseti he would be free from the ridiculous confines of this decay. It was getting harder for him to shape shift. Each time he tried the effects tore more skin and hair from his body. Loki shivered in disgust at his reflection in the mountain stream as he tried to refasten half his nose with sticky sap from a tree. Swearing at the air around him he went back to work and by nightfall he had finished building his hut.

            “How clever I am,” he said to himself as he fastened the final door. He now had a hut with a door in each corner for a hasty escape in any direction. He decided that if the gods should come in search of him he would rush down to the stream and change himself into a salmon.  That should buy me the time I need, he thought as he looked across the room at the stolen urn of Espen Ash. Pleased with himself, he said to the urn, “I am sure that Liv would trade her necklace for her father’s ashes.”  Loki made a fire in the hearth and quickly fell asleep. 

            In Loki’s dark mind covered in sleep, a giant hook ripped into his side and pulled him out of black water. He screamed as a huge troll with long black hair grabbed him and pulled him off the hook. With one stroke of her knife she gutted him and cut off his head. Loki snapped awake from his dream. He could still hear the troll laugh as she threw his head into the water and yelled, “I am coming for you!”

Come back on Monday for the final stop on my blog tour as E.J. Wesley takes on Thor. Enjoy the rest of your week-end!


Melissa said...

Well, that settles it. I don't ever want to be a fish. :P

D.G. Hudson said...

Interesting excerpt. I've enjoyed this series and will be back on Monday to hear what Thor has to say.

Yolanda Renee said...

Great excerpt!

Wonderful tour!

shelly said...

I can hardly wait to read this one.

Congrats, Siv!

Hugs and chocolate,

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