Thursday, October 31, 2013

Happy Halloween Blogfest and BOO!

Happy Halloween everyone! We don't celebrate it here in Norway but it was always one of my favorite days growing up in the states. Not sure if it was mostly the chance to get dressed up or the candy. Probably the candy! 

Today is Roland Yeomans  Happy Halloween Blog fest!

Roland wants to know the book that scared you the most growing up and the one that scared you the most as an adult. Click HERE for details and to find more about his new series, Lucifer's Orphan.

The book that scared me the most growing up and still scares me as an adult is "IT" by the master story teller of horror himself, Stephen King. I have always hated clowns but this book took that hatred to a new level of fear! Good luck with your blogfest Roland and your new series!

A Halloween Treat for you.

Ghosts do not bleed so Boo was not afraid of the giant candy apple with sharp teeth that snapped at thin air as it chased her into the haunted castle. "Boo, Boo!" the candy apple shouted. "Do you want to play a game of bob for the Boo, or would rather play bite and slurp? We need fresh victims, come on let’s gather the rest and go haunting!”

    They packed the cat and headed out for a night of fright. However, they forgot it was Halloween, and soon they encountered hordes of pink-bedecked ballerinas with zombie faces, followed by tall skinny witch doctors wearing Scream masks that sprinkled glitter everywhere they went! And so they went breaking into houses scaring people to death and stealing all their Halloween candy. It was almost midnight before they got back home, ate too much candy, and got stomach aches but a good puking made room for more, so Boo grabbed the biggest piece of candy she could find turned into a gas that was so explosive that the glitter turned into bombs that blew up the entire crowd of zombie faced ballerinas and skinny witch doctors.

The cat sat on the steps of the haunted castle together with the candy apple and Boo, he smiled a wicked grin as he licked his lips of some sticky candy and asked, “Who’s next?”

Story invented by Minnie and her friends! To find out who contributed click Here.

Sorry if I am not around as much lately as I would like to be. There are family problems that I am trying to deal with. Hope you all have a wonderful Halloween! Anyone watching American Horror Story? I love this season!


Suzanne Furness said...

Well done Minnie! Happy Halloween :)

Yolanda Renee said...

Such fun and a great Halloween trick and treat! Thanks Minnie!

Hope all is well soon!

Happy Halloween!

D.G. Hudson said...

And a good story was heard by all, thanks to Minnie.

Nice to see a post about Roland's blogfest!

Anonymous said...

Great story. :) Who knew it would turn out so awesome! :) Happy Halloween even though it's not celebrated over your way. Sending lots of hugs and smiles and hoping everything turns out for the best for all. :)

Alex J. Cavanaugh said...

I think we came up with an excellent little story for Halloween!

Roland D. Yeomans said...

I pray your family problems are soon resolved as quickly and as easily as humanly possible. :-(

On better news: you won MY BLOGFEST! :-)