Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Spider Gibberish? Must be Halloween!

OMG! Minnie is here with a   tale for Halloween creepy fun brought to you by her crazy word abuse gang...Here is what they have to say, Trick or treat...You choose.

Spiders with orange hair and glowing fangs gathered to play poker for the night. Their nicotine stained whiskers and whisky breath curled the corners of the dark room as they gathered candy chips and made their table on Halloweens back door. With hungry eyes and greedy gaps they watched as the first game approached and then they ate the playing cards and planned the Grand Spider Ball. 
It was time to marry off their off-spring to cockroaches, but the Halloween snake arrived looking for some tasty treats of the eight-legged kind. Determined to thwart the snake, the spiders sacrificed cheese to the rat ghosts and enticed the rodents to join them. 

Fat dancing rats distracted the snake while the spiders ran here and there, "I've got you now my little pretties" as they scrambled gathering those roaches up in their webs made of cotton candy. The snake eyed the rats determining perhaps that he had  aimed too low with spiders, little did he know, rats always bring their flea repellant which they sprayed into the snake's eyes, temporarily blinding it. 

All the animals rejoiced and broke out in flip flop dance; little did they know that the snakes mate waited just behind him. Using her wounded partner as a shield, she dodged the next shot of repellent and the snakes mate did what she had to do with the victim. They all perished except for the spider that scuttled off into the darkness. The only problem was all the dead spiders, rats and snakes had all turned into zombies and chased the lone spider to the Grand Spider Ball where a lone cockroach with eight legs was waiting. Zombie spider roaches were born that night and they stalk the streets tonight…Halloween, the birth of zombie spider roaches, they are everywhere…Beware!

Talented writers of the controlled patriots of standered word abuse are:
Hart Johnson
Sabrina A. Fish

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Come back the last Friday of November as Minnie explores gibberish of the turkey kind! Next post is the first Wednesday of November for some insecure writers. What is that? Come back next Wednesday and see.



Alex J. Cavanaugh said...

That one almost made sense!! We're getting good at this.

Suzanne Furness said...

The best I've seen yet. As Alex says we must be getting better. It is so much fun. I'll get the badge posted on my blog. I'm proud to speak gibberish!

Linda H. said...

heehee. I love the ending of this one.

Roland D. Yeomans said...

I leave gibberish for the presidential debates! Hey, you won JENNIFER LAWRENCE'S AUTOGRAPH IN MY HALLOWEEN CONTEST!

Mina Lobo said...

The idea of spider roaches makes my stomach turn...but *zombie* spider roaches? Egads! :)
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