Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Octobers Panic Button:IWSG

The first Wednesday in October, and as I think about what to write for the Insecure Writers Support Group, the only thing that comes to mind is last October. Lately most of my thoughts are built upon reflections of last October. Maybe not so surprising since October is THE birthday month for me. Three birthdays in one month, mine and two of my children’s, but last October was special because I got to spend it with them for the first time in many years. So, now that you know my state of mind and extreme desire for a time machine, you should not be surprised that I traveled back to last year’s post for this group.

Panic: a sudden overwhelming fear, with or without cause, that produces hysterical or irrational behavior, and that often spreads quickly through a group of persons or animals.
Here is last year’s post. I find it fitting to re-post now, since I am once again under the panic of October and there are deadlines to meet.

As a writer we are forced to meet certain deadlines and make compromises that do not always leave us smiling. As these deadlines approach time has a funny way of moving faster, excuses turn into a work of art, and as you stare at words that make no sense panic takes over. Do you recognize that feeling? If you are anything like me you tend to wait until that last minute. In a confused state of denial you will look at the calendar and at the clock and say, “That can’t be right!”  So what do you do? How do you focus to get things done when that nasty panic takes control and you sit there like a zombie staring into space?

Overdrive is a natural built in human defense mechanism. For same strange reason panic is the trigger that puts me into overdrive. Once I accept it for what it is, I push it aside and move on with super speed to get things done. I work well under pressure, I do not waste time and I become more focused. So my word of advice here is to not fear panic, do not let it take control of you for too long. Panic came to visit for a reason, so once you have said hello, politely close the door as it leaves. Then you can find your super human “writing overdrive” and get things done.

What makes you panic and how do you deal with it?

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Cynthia said...

The notion of not having enough hours in a day can sometimes be overwhelming. Have fun with all the birthdays this month.

C.M.Brown said...

Speaking from my recent experience in publishing my second book and meeting the deadline I set to release it, I found myself editing and re-editing up until the very last moment. So I know exactly where you are coming from.

Shelly said...

It doesn't take much to panic me.

Hugs and chocolate,

LD Masterson said...

Most of the time I find deadlines motivating. Although I do have a recurring nightmare that comes back in the middle of December every year. It's late Christmas Eve and I don't have gifts for anyone. That one always puts me in a PANIC.

Catherine Noble said...

Like LD Masterson, I also find deadlines motivating :) Happy birthday to you and your children, hope you have a good one!

Alex J. Cavanaugh said...

Deadlines make me work faster. What really makes me panic is opening up my Google Reader on the first Wednesday of the month. I won't even scare you with the number of posts waiting...

Suzanne Furness said...

Happy Birthday to you and your family.

Melissa Sugar said...

Happy birthday to all. October is a month full of birthdays in my family as well. It is also a month of mixed emotions. I gave birth to triplet girls in October and only one survived. So each year as I celebrate Blake's birthday, I mourn the death of her two sisters. Casey died on October 20th, so that is alway a rough day for me. The very next day is my son Bennett's birthday so I go from sad to joyous. Logan's birthday follows that. At the end of the month I am literally spent and need a few days to just recharge.

Enjoy your birthday celebrations .

Hart Johnson said...

Oi! Yeah, that deadline thing is hard. I TRY to build in multiple smaller deadlines so I get all the layers done, pacing myself. But somehow I still never feel quite done by the time I have to turn it over.

I hope you get to at least talk to your birthday kids this month! Hard to have it in the past when you got to be with them all together.

Sanny said...

I can work way better the closer the deadline is coming. So often it feels like time is just rushing by, first you think you have plenty of time, and then? The day comes closer and closer.
Then I start thinking and thinking, but I have to calm myself down first, and stop my panic that I haven't enough time anymore to finish it in a way that I'm satisfied with. I mean I want to write good content with quality.
But in the end I'm glad when I did it all.

Hope you can celebrate great birthday parties this month!!