Monday, October 29, 2012

Real Monsters

There are many monsters who over the years have entertained me and I could tell you about these, how alluring Dracula is with his vampire lust for eternal life. I could also tell you how I could feel sympathy for a monster such as Frankenstein. He did not choose to be a monster and he is totally misunderstood. There are also a thousand creepy monsters out there. Folklore has left us with the Boogie man and the monster under the bed. There are the creepy kind of monsters like clowns, which Steven King described so well, and the psychotic kind like chain saw serial killers or Hannibal Lector. They are Epic, right? And then again ghosts which I do not consider monsters at all. I could tell you about the monsters through fiction that have scared me, entertained me or just fascinated me, but…I choose to tell you about real monsters. You know they are out there; sometimes you are faced to force them. Sometimes you have no choice but to wait for the day impatiently when you can slay them. You question your humanity because you really want to kill that monster others call a man.

This monster wears the clothes of an ordinary man. He comes in all colors, shapes and sizes. He is a familiar face in the community he lives in. Everyone knows him as the helpful neighbor next door. Yes, he is everyone’s friend because no one knows the monster that is hiding behind this familiar friend. The man whose children befriends yours, and becomes your friend while he waits for the time to be right. Unsuspecting victims gather around him and he smiles hiding his real monsters face. Only small young children see him for the monster he truly is, but then it is already too late. He whispers to them and at first in their innocence they listen, then later they shiver in terror at his plans. With a knife at their throats he threatens their life and the life of everyone they love. For years these small children do as they are told; they believe the lies of this monster as it steals their innocence from them.

We like to think our children are safe. We do our best to protect them from monsters like these. You may think that your children are safe and years later find out, that they were not. When these are the monsters of your nightmares then you will truly know what a monster is. These are the monsters with an ordinary face that roam free to terrorize and steal from our children any hope for a normal life. They then cast us into never ending despair and a web of deceit as we uncover the lies and do our best to protect the adult that once was a child. Monsters are real. The worst kinds are the ones you don't see until it is too late.

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Yolanda Renee said...

So true! It is the human monster, sometimes someone as close as the next door neighbor, and that is the scariest of all. I fear them the most too -- I think we all do!

Alex J. Cavanaugh said...

Real life monsters are more terrifying than anything in our imagination.

Nancy Thompson said...

That's really, really scary. We had 2 incidents here in the US last week where 3 teen-aged boys kidnapped and murdered 2 young girls. Sick and terrifying to think someone my son's own age could do something so barbaric and heinous, and know that monsters like this live quietly among us.

S. L. Hennessy said...

Couldn't agree more. Sometimes people are the most monstrous of monsters. Which is pretty terrifying if you think about it.

Excellent monster pick.

Timothy Brannan said...

The human monster is the worst.

I choose Dracula, but like you said he was trapped by the allure for eternal life.

Humans choose to do bad things and that makes them worse.

Thanks so much for joining my bloghop, I really appreciate it.


Joylene Nowell Butler said...

Great choice!

Susan Gourley/Kelley said...

As a resident of PA, I'm very aware of the real monsters among us and those people who cover up for them.

L. Diane Wolfe said...

Those are the worst kind.

Roland D. Yeomans said...

Predators of children are the most vile monsters for they prey on innocence, savoring the terror of the helpless.

It is why I have Alice Wentworth stroll the night streets of the French Quarter hoping to tempt such predators. Becoming the meal of the day for a hungry ghoul is just reward in my book. And a ghoul, ah, girl has to eat! :-)

Jolie du Pre said...

I love monsters (vampires, zombies) so much that I don't like to equate human beings with them. I'm into the undead and the immortal, not mere humans.

Jolie du Pre
Precious Monsters

Susan Roebuck said...

oh, scary post. Yes the worst monsters are the ones you can't recognize - and they're closer to home than you think (but don't tell the kids that)