Monday, August 6, 2012

Minnie's Pink Snails-Just Gibberish

Minnie is back from vacation and she looks like she needs another vacation to get over her vacation. 

It was not an easy feat to get her out of bed today so that she could finish what she started. Yes people, finally you have an ending to her gibberish tale of Pink Stinky Snails. Minnies group "Controlled Patriots of Standard Word Abuse" is always looking for new recruits. All you have to do is play and take this banner with you.

This month the following members, in order after Minnie, have played and used their imaginations well:

Here is the finished story about Stinky Pink Snails (some small changes have been made to keep the flow of gibberish)

Stinky Pink Snails had formed an army in the Bee-Fairy's garden and with weapons dipped in…. poison applesauce, they speared the flowers in the garden only to find that underneath each delicate little flower blossom was hidden a back up of Fire Army Ants wearing pint tutus. Their lasers were set to stun, but pink snails are notoriously difficult to stun as their shells are made of turtle shell reinforced by a specially designed pink nail polish impossible to penetrate. That is except for acid rain, which removes all the pink nail polish. Poor turtles were now in jeopardy of getting attacked by the fire ants, unless they could come up with a plan.

"QuicK! Get under the frondzy fig leaf, I read somewhere that it can repel acid rain," Squeaked a baby snail wearing black horn rimmed glasses. So the stinky pink snails huddled under one fig leaf, pushing and shoving for position. But they didn't all fit and Sloppy Stinky Pink Snail was left on the outside.

"Hey!" cried a voice. "Watch what you're doing to my leaf."

They all craned their slimy necks to where the voice came from. Kayput the blindingly neon-colored caterpillar clung to a top part of the rocking leaf, a multi-striped umbrella stuck to her head. The others turned their oozing necks and watched as the bee fairy gathered her forces of army ants and turtles. Kayput led the charge and with one single bucket of acid rain all the smelly pink snails disappeared from the garden forever. All that is except for one tiny sloppy stinky pink snail, and a baby snail wearing black horn rimmed glasses.
You guys prove to me each month what a crazy imagination you all have. Keep it up and thanks for playing!

"Eye Spy" is on the roam now looking for something interesting for this Wednesdays post. You never know where my pink panther suit will show up :) Come back on Wednesday and see. Until then, Happy tales!


Alex J. Cavanaugh said...

They did great!!

Gossip_Grl said...

Love the tale of Minnie's Pink Snail! :) Thanks for the little Gibberish bloggy bling also! :) Will be back on Wednesday for some Eye Spy fun!

Susan Roebuck said...

That was fun!

Shelly said...

I hate it when i don't get to participate. Life gets in the way.

I love these.