Friday, June 24, 2011


The rain had finally stopped and a soft sweet breeze filled the air. A rainbow bowed in royal fashion before it slowly disappeared and was gone. Sitting close to the bonfire I felt the blush of its warmth upon my cheeks, and content without another thought the evening passed. The sun hung onto the crimson draped sky, and flames danced in gypsy skirts inside stones that were laced in black. The mist rolled in from the sea, and the last sliver of the sun slipped into darkness. Waves slowly stroked the sand and edged towards the fire. Voices of laughter and music filled the night, shadows of small boats glided across the water and their tiny lights sparkled like jewels. An unfamiliar voice came from behind me and a strong hand touched my shoulder.

“Are you ready to dance?” He asked.

I turned and stared into the most beautiful smile. “Took you long enough to get here Brother, it’s about time we met.”

In Time, we all meet.” Said Michael Di Gesu, my favorite adopted brother.

He took my hand and pulled me to my feet, and as he laughed I looked at him and said, “Are you happy now Michael? You did say you wanted to come.”

His eyes twinkled in the firelight, and with a mischievous grin on his face he started to run pulling me along.
“Are you kidding? Let’s go find those fairies and dance!”

Michael, Thank you for the awards but mostly your friendship.Save a dance for me.

As rules dictate here are seven random facts about myself, some most of you already know:

--This past year two children who I had thought were lost to me have returned into my life; a daughter from a previous marriage and a son who I had given up for adoption 34 years ago.

--I am writing my first book and for a teaser you can look here: The Troll Inside

--Besides writing fiction and poetry I have worked as a translator, chef, sailor and teacher.

--Born in Germany, raised in America and living in Norway. I am confused most of the time.

--I love to paint in oil, but as an artist I fail at making any money because I always give it away.

--I love to get dirty and am perfectly happy messing around in the garden.

--One of the things that make me the happiest are to hear my children laugh and sing.

Now on to giving out this award to a few of my sweet friends:
As always, I cannot help but give these two ladies enough praise. They are brave, beautiful and two of the funniest women I have had the pleasure of meeting. A day is less bright without visiting their blogs, so I hope you pay them all a visit:

Elisa from The crazy life of a writing mom
Melynda from Craziness abounds

He is such an open flirt, all around ladies’ man and recent graduate of candy boy toy institute:

Jeff from Life can be funny(sometimes)

A very funny and insightful new friend of mine who I enjoy learning from

Melissa from Melissas Imaginarium

She is a warm and funny woman whose words are a pleasure to read

Susan Kane from ContemplativeCat

Have a wonderful week-end where ever you are and don't forget to dance!


shelly said...

VVery nice!

Madeleine said...

That piece of writing is beautiful. WOW! Congrats on the awards. I loved hearing all those facts about you, too. :O)

Anonymous said...

mmmmm...let's flirt..yes I flirt openly, but, someone must give me a reaon to flirt :-) candy boy toy...yesyesyes if you are labeling me...haha and do I appreciate you bestowing this honor on me...of could I ever refuse to respect the words of the dear Siv Maria :-)

Michael Di Gesu said...

I-I don't what to say, but I'll try.

Siv that was so beautifully written. A tear rolls from my cheek an splashes onto my chest. No one has ever written about me in such a way. I felt for one magical moment I was transported, seeing all you described. I felt the warmth of your shoulder and saw the twinkle in your eyes as we faced each other for the first time.

This connection was meant to happen. As with your children, you have discovered a true long lost brother. No truer or more sincere words have been said.

Thank you for such a stunning tribute.

Anonymous said...

Finally. This better work this time.
So that was just beautifully written. Kudo's my friend.
As for what you wrote about me... I'm feeling a little verclempt right now.
I'm so glad that Ihave met you even if it is only via internet. I can truly say i consider you a friend, and that is rare for me.

Elisabeth Hirsch said...

You are sooooo awesome! Thank you for your kind words :0)

P.S. That was masterfully written. I couldn't wait to discover who asked you to dance.

Susan Kane said...

Lovely writing. The sliver of sun, the bow of a rainbow--lovely playing with the words.
thanks for the award! I will pop it on tomorrow's blog.

wendy said...

Yes indeed, you are a writer...I LOVED the phrase "flames danced in gypsy skirts". I think it would be wonderful to be able to use words to create beautiful images.

I am over here visiting you at the suggestion of said candy boy toy JEFF.
You certainly have lived an exciting life it seems. My brother visited Norway once, but I have never been off this continent. (lived in both America and Canada) I think you could learn so much from travel, people, customs...all that.

I am happy for you that you reconnected with 2 of your children. I hope that was a rejoicing moment for you.

Melissa Bradley said...

Thank you so very much!! I know I'm horribly late in posting, but things have been a bit scattered here these last couple of days. I'm so happy you thought of me for this. I love coming here and reading your posts.

That is so wonderful that you have reconnected with 2 of your kids. :)