Friday, June 14, 2013

My Mother's Shoes

My mother always used to lay out her clothes the night before she went to the doctor so I was not surprised to see her planned outfit hanging neatly from her closet door. I looked carefully over her choices; a long moss green skirt with matching jacket, and a short-sleeved beige summer blouse.  It has been cold and raining here so I was satisfied with her slightly autumn choices and thought nothing more of it. Big mistake! 

My mother 30 years ago
Now you are probably going to think it was a beautiful hot summer day when I took her to the doctor. Wrong, it was cold and raining yesterday which was slightly disturbing. It was going to be hard enough navigating her around. Remember she hasn’t been out of the house for years, the left side of her body has never fully recovered after her stroke and she walks with a cane. What was disturbing was the fact that she was waiting for me fully dressed, but had no shoes on her feet. I had forgotten about her feet, and I should have known better. I mean let’s face it; shoes have not been a big priority for someone who never leaves the house. Her loafers have not fit her for a long time so she only wears slippers.

We were already running a little late and none of my shoes fit her. Since I don’t have a closet (haven’t had one for years, yep…renovations…sigh,) I scurried around the house trying to locate my scattered shoes and then I tried them on my mom’s feet as if she were Cinderella. Finally I caught a glimpse of my bright blue trusty crocs under the coffee table. Thank god, they saved the day.

We did eventually get to the doctor and my mother, bless her soul, blamed having to borrow her daughter’s shoes for her wobbly walk. I will write more on this series of coping with dementia later.

This week-end my husband is dressing up like one of the Beatles characters from Serg. Pepper’s Lonely Heart Clubs Band, and he is preforming with the choir for their yearly summer concert. Maybe I will be able to get you some video of that. So what are your plans for the week-end? Whatever they are I hope you have fun doing them!


shelly said...

Tomorrow, I plan to go to a mini seminar on writing. After, I'll be meeting one of my daughters and grandsons for lunch. Later, I'll have to work on blogposts and some edits, make some dinner. Sunday, I'll be hair lopping.

Hugs and chocolate to you, Siv. I know its hard.


D.G. Hudson said...

You may want to keep a journal of sorts about your mother and any incidences she may have that cause concern, Siv. I did this so the nurses who do the questions would have more info. (e.g., I found her crouching on the side of her bed, she had fallen off but couldn't get back on the bed by herself).

The hardest part was when the doctors or nurses would ask her the questions and she would look at me with a 'help me out here' look. It was stressful, even though this was hubs' mom.

Our doctor requested the assessment with our Health Authority, after I took her in to get his opinion. If I can offer any information, leave me a comment on my blog and I will contact you.

It helps to talk about it.

Suzanne Furness said...

Glad you managed to get to the doctor with your mum. Have been thinking about you.

Rosalind Adam said...

So sorry to read about your troubles. When my Mum became ill towards the end of her life I noticed her personality changing. She didn't have Alzeimers but it wasn't easy. Hold on to the good times. Mothers are so precious.