Tuesday, June 4, 2013

Still Gibbering Until the Gibbering is Done

Minnie still wants to play, so come on you guys there has to be more gibberish out there. The beast in the belly is not satisfied! Minnie is giving you guys another chance. This is what you have come up with so far:

As soon as the coals ignited and various accessories were tossed with bits of flesh on the hot bars of aluminum, the beast in the stomach started to growl. It needed to be satisfied by Hot Tamales and pickles, but the pickles in the fridge were sliced and not whole, and if they weren't whole the beast wasn't satisfied. So the beast got another idea; a few cod from the fjord to feast on now, and to complete the meal a big hot cherry pie so full of sugar that the beast started to drool at the thought of it. As the cod jumped on the grill the calories started to pop out of the coals and they danced all the way to the beasts open mouth. They tangoed across his tongue. As he licked his lips, they slipped like logs on a waterfall ride ...


shelly said...

...sticking the sides of his phlemy throat. He swallowed and glump, glump, glump it finally went into the pit of hot lava like juice in the pit of his stomach.

Hugs and chocolate,


L. Diane Wolfe said...

Where they began to pop like Pop Rocks!