Friday, May 11, 2012

The Avengers and Pasta

As I open the door to Fridays, “What’s for dinner Mom?" there is something I need to say:  Guess what? Today I managed to put on my super power apron and in true Avenger style, conjured up Captain Americas Macaroni and Cheese. Not an easy task without American cheese. Before I reveal to you my secret ingredients, I have a bone to pick with Mr. Marvel Comics.
How did Thor get so lost in the world of comics?

Ever since I saw the movie Thor my noodle has been cooking, and last week while watching The Avengers my pasta really started to boil. Why? Because Marvel Comics have taken the liberty of changing the Norse God Thor into a demi-god alien from the planet Asgard, with a half- brother named Loki. Since Thors mother was not human, but mother earth herself in the form of a giantess, and Thors father was the father of all Gods, then I would call Thor a full-blooded God.  Norse Gods; no more live on an Alien planet, then the Greek, Roman or any other God of mythology. It can be debated as to the relationship between Thor and Loki, but according to popular Norwegian legend, Loki was Odins blood brother. This would make Loki more of an uncle to Thor than a brother.  Ok enough ranting, and believe it or not I did like the movie The Avengers. There was a sense of humor which was lacking in the movie Thor and the acting was far superior. This is where I confess that I have a huge crush on Robert Downey Jr. and would love to serve him some of my pasta any day.

Back into the kitchen, let me share with you my secret to making Macaroni and Cheese, yes the American kind made with American/cheddar cheese. We do not get that here in Norway so our melted cheese is like stringy topping on a pizza. I found a way to get that smooth and creamy goodness in every bite! I added sausages to mine, but there is no need---I just like sausages. Here is what you need if you are Norwegian, if you are American you don't need my advice:

 Americans in Norway have to compromise when it comes to many favorite foods.

Instead of following the instructions for the cheese dip, you add double the amount of milk as is instructed on the packet, and you have a cheese sauce. If you are adding sausage or any other kind of prepared meat, make sure to cut it up in pieces. After you mix everything together, put it in a large casserole, top with shredded cheese and bake it in a medium warm oven for about 30-45 minutes. Here is the finished result:

Serve with a salad to make this dish more healthy.

Captain Americas Macaroni and Cheese, a guaranteed heart-breaker! Enjoy your week-end and if you are going to see The Avengers, don’t be fooled by Thor and Loki. Neither one of them are what they appear to be, unless of course you would rather believe in Mr. Marvels Comic book world. Either way, there is plenty of action and humor to keep you and the popcorn machine happy. Back on Monday with a story about first loves.

Have you seen the Avengers? Let me know what you think.


KatieO said...

Interesting take on mac-n-cheese...may have to try that!

I didn't read the Thor comic books, so didn't know if Marvel were the ones to rewrite the history years ago, or if the liberties were taken just for the movie. My beef with the first Thor movie was the set-up ending. Movies should have their own finishing point, not just a set-up for next summer's blockbuster. That said, We're going to see the Avengers tomorrow night and I'm very excited. Love Robert Downey Junior.

I've passed on the Kreativ Blogger award to you today (Friday) on my blog - for being full of awesome and fun facts and insightful comments for others.

It was great to meet you during A to Z and hope to stay in touch!

Alex J. Cavanaugh said...

You knew they would take liberties. Don't think the comic book follows the mythology either. However, the movie rocked and I can't wait to see it again!

michelle said...

I'm a "movie-challenged blogger" LOL!
Hope you enjoyed the Mac 'N Cheese... delumptious!

Dana said...

That looks so good!

I guess the kids and I will be having mac and cheese for lunch today. ;)

Anonymous said...

Hi mom :).. You have a crush on Robert Downey! I have a crush on Chris Hemsworth! Haha... We are going to see the Avengers this weekend, and I cant wait!! I did like the movie Thor :) We just watched that one recently too. I think I liked it primarily because of how sexy Thor is though! Lol your mac and cheese looks delicious!!

Super Earthling said...

I really enjoyed your Thor/mac & cheese post. :D My very favorite line: "Ever since I saw the movie Thor my noodle has been cooking" LOL! Just love that visual.

I too have a crush on Robert Downey Jr--have for years. I feel the same way you do--he's welcome to enjoy my pasta anytime he likes. :)