Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Alligator Shoes-Completed Story

 "You guys sure didn't make it easy for me this month, but my hero won as usual!"
Alligator Shoes never wanted to be Alligator Shoes. It just so happened that when she went to get a ticket that was the only one left. Tough, mean and nasty she roamed the streets on her misfortune. Night time was her favorite because no one could really see the ugly skin that paled across her soles. Night after night she waited in the shadows for something else to come along. The cold and the hunger dodged her attention; all that remained real were the corners on the street in front of her and the sound of her breath as she waited. Tonight she felt lucky. There was something strange in the air, something else was coming, and when it turned the corner she caught her breath in surprise...

There in the streetlight was a pair of Uggs! 

"Hello," the boots said to the shoes. "I've been waiting for this, waiting since the day you stole my greatest treasure." 

"I will lead you to your treaure, but what will you give me in return?" 

"How about this alligator belt to match?" Uggs answered. 

Rolling down the pavement was a wheel of leather with corks wobbling on the edge...an alligator belt cinched around the crown. Uggs looked at the belt and then looked at his own waist sheepishly.
"I think we need a little more gator to do the job." 

When the sun came up and light glistened on her already shinning cheeks the dark turned upside down and knocking her down, caused her to say, "Well, I ain't never!" 

Uggs could hear Alligator teeth gnashing and snapping in the air and his breath caught in his throat. Had the shoes mother caught up with him at last? Suddenly, inspiration settled. Uggs smiled as he reached for his Blackberry. "What a crock! A dial to my favorite magician should do the trick!"   

One abracadabra later a swarm of miniature alligators rained down from the clouds and puddles of miniature alligators formed below him. Suddenly Stiletto appeared! But stiletto was no match for mini gators and soon they swallowed him up! But oh how the mini gators stomach ached. This was worse than the worst indigestion. Stiletto spiked mini gators innards painfully, piercing his intestines...

In all the commotion Alligator shoes quickly grabbed the belt and using it as a leash pulled out stiletto from mini gators belly. She smiled and ran away with her treasured stiletto firmly fasted to her. Some say that to this day if you walk that darkened alley, you can still hear Uggs cursing Alligator shoes from the inside of Mini gators.

Here are the talented writers from CPSWA, Minnies fan club. Thanks for playing, and we hope to see you again next month!


Stranger in a Strange Land said...

Hello Siv:

I missed this one. Looks like it was fun.

Take care,
ps: Why did you use a picture of yourself in this blog entry? ;) LOL

Alex J. Cavanaugh said...

Yes, I can hear Uggs still cursing!
These are great, Siv. Keep doing them.

shelly said...

I missed this one. Next time.

Elisabeth Hirsch said...

So many hilarious twists and turns lol

McKenzie McCann said...

This one actually makes sense in the beginning. At least, as much sense as talking shoes can make.