Thursday, April 12, 2012

Killer Squirrels

This month Minnie is exploring the alphabet by digging out the unusual, often unexplained and alternative way of thinking. Stories of creatures, places and mysteries that have been passed down to us through centuries tease our imagination, live in our dreams and dare us to explore the impossible. Join Minnie each day as she discovers something unusual in the alphabet.

"Wonder if killer squirrel is just as tasty as regular squirrel."

Do killer squirrels really exist? Remember the movie “National Lapoons Christmas Vacation” and the scene with the crazy squirrel?  There have been many instances of squirrel attacks and although not really mystical, I find these stories to fall in the category of strange and unusual.

Take a look at this:

Logically speaking, the reason for most squirrel attacks can be attributed to threat or disease such as rabies. Here are some examples of killer squirrels:

In June 2005, a woman was attacked in her own living room by a crazed squirrel in Passau, Germany. The rodent jumped in through the window and sunk its teeth into the woman. Whilst fleeing the scene the squirrel bit a builder and a 72-year-old man, before he managed to kill it with his crutch.

A pine cone shortage in the Russian town of Lazo resulted in hungry squirrels biting a stray dog to death in November 2005. The unfortunate dog was barking at the squirrels when a swarm of them suddenly surrounded him and attacked.

In November a caring animal lover was assaulted by an injured squirrel he had rescued just days before in a local park. Nicknamed Elvis, the squirrel viciously bit both hands of nature writer Ernie Gordon. After a round of tetanus shots and antibiotics Mr Gordon parted ways with Elvis the squirrel. 

Two parents and an 11-year-old student were attacked in a San Francisco school as they were about to embark on a class field trip in May 2007. The animal managed to climb up one of the parents' trouser legs. The other parent was bitten in the process when he tried to get the rodent off. Before fleeing the scene the squirrel attacked a passing student in the corridor.

The world premiere of a Finnish opera was thrown into disarray by a suicidal squirrel in August, 2006. Finnish opera singer Esa Ruuttunen was on his way to rehearsals for the show when the kamikaze squirrel lunged straight into the spokes of his bicycle causing him to fall of his bike and break his nose. The squirrel was killed instantly.

A squirrel, nicknamed Bruce because of his Die Hard antics, attacked two unsuspecting women in a local park. Bruce then attacked two police officers who had come to the aid of the women. After being pepper-sprayed Bruce retreated into his tree. Moments later Bruce reappeared attacking an unsuspecting victim from the rear before again being scared away by police. The final straw for authorities came when the squirrel attacked a father and his young son.  Bruce was finally captured and later died in the custody of animal welfare authorities of unknown causes.

Have you ever been attacked by a squirrel or do they just drive you “Nuts”? Tell me your squirrel story.


Sally said...

There was I thinking squirrels were cute and cuddly - the laws of nature I guess.

Amalie said...

I have never been attacked by a squirrel, but some out-of-body Googling last year left me with the knowledge that squirrels are *omnivores*. They hunt. Usually it's like... small frogs and smaller rodents, but they are predators.

That said, the ones that went dog-biting apparently had no concept of size... either that or they said they were so hungry they could eat a dog, and a friend challenged them to it. That's my theory!

Jaye Robin Brown said...

No killer squirrel attacks, but be sure to check out my O post in a few days (Opossum).

My students love to watch the squirrel attack videos on You-Tube. I think squirrels are taking on cult status.

Lynn Proctor said...

my grandfather raised two baby squirrels that had fallen out of their nest---i never would--i don't go near them---great stories

Alex J. Cavanaugh said...

Didn't realize they ate meat!
The other night Sports Nation showed a squirrel racing across the field and over home plate. Not sure if they counted the run or not...

Rhia Roberts said...

I've not been attacked by a squirrel. They don't drive me nuts but I'm nuts about them. Actually I'm not but I like them. So they kill their prey...we love cats and they kill!
Rhia from Five Minute Piece for Inspiration (around # 793 on A to Z list)

Hilary Melton-Butcher said...

Hi Siv .. a baby squirrel came into the Nursing Centre when it was very hot and all the windows and doors were open .. it went everywhere - all round the rooms, corridor, up on the beds, getting across various tubes - then scooted into another room and out through that window - whether that was the way it had come in or not .. I have no idea ... kind of fun -but a bit worrying with tubes et al!! Cheers I'll keep an eye on the squirrels out here .. Hilary

Monica said...

lol...killer squirrels, no way, they are way to cute!!
Hope you're having fun with the Challenge,
Monica, Older Mommy Still Yummy

Jessica L. Foster said...

I don't have any good squirrel stories, but the ones you shared were crazy! Who knew squirrels could be so violent? Thanks for sharing.

Merritt | LiveSimplyLove said...

Squirrels drive me nuts! We lived in a house with 5 nut trees on the property (pecan and oak) and the squirrels were destructive little beasts. I was always sure one was going to jump on my head when I walked out the door. The trees were beautiful but I could have done without the squirrels!

Herding Cats - Burning Soup said...

Healthy fear of squirrels....check!

The only squirrel encounter we had was a few years back when our dogs cornered one and scared it. My mom got the dogs away but the squirrel stayed put. So she decided to go help the squirrel and it bit the tar out of her finger. She called me up "squirrels bite really hard!" and the only response I could come up with was well duh they eat nuts! She had to get all kinds of shots from that one.

Anna@ Herding Cats & Burning Soup