Wednesday, September 21, 2011

The Saving of Fur-Gum

Time for some Gibberish people, let's have some fun.

The rules are easy. Minnie starts a story line written in Gibberish and those that want to play continue on the storyline from the last comment posted, in the same style. If you decide to play along there is a certificate at the end as well as membership to my elite group called the Controlled Patriots of Standard Word Abuse. (CPSWA) If you don't understand or have not played this before you can click on the following link to see more about how the game is played. GIBBERISH a game for silly fun.

No one told Fur-Gum to slide behind the couch and hide. Rats and tiny peasants with rubber band weapons patrolled the floor looking for another ticket or something good to chew on. Fur-Gum watched as they.... 
 (Your Turn)

"Time to rattle those brains of yours. I did my part, lets see what you got!"

Completed story posted soon. How soon, depends on you guys.
Now on to some other news while I have your attention. As most of you know I will soon be traveling to the states. I leave on the 8th of October and before then I have so much to do. We also have carpenters here working every day so that this house project of ours will someday be finished. With travel plans and the constant sound of saws in my head there is not much room for the creative juices to flow. Not only that but half naked men running around in my garden are a bit distracting. My blogging brain is somewhat unstable for the time being. I will however be making the rounds and visiting as many of you as I can. Once I get on that plane and across that ocean you can be sure you will be hearing and seeing more from me. Don't forget, I have a traveling duck for a companion who I am sure will have lots to say as well.

For now have fun saving Fur-Gum, I am looking forward to see what my muses have in store.


Stranger in a Strange Land said...

Pause briefly as their motly commander said, I smell something good to chew on. He called to this fellow peasants and little rat friends seeking volunteers to scout ahead and report back with their findings.... Fur gum broke out in a cold sweat and held it's breathe.........

Elisabeth Hirsch said...

He knew they were after his mother and ex-wife--The Avenger!

Alex J. Cavanaugh said...

Suddenly a flock of moths took flight around him and the rats turned in his direction.

Any half-naked women in your garden? Just asking!

N. R. Williams said...

A strange light surrounded Fur-Gum and an odd whistling sound caused a vibration to rattle his ear drums. The rats began to shrink. The food disappeared with not more than a single crumb visible. Fur-Gum blinked. The light and noise vanished. Fur-Gum had joined the giants and was still growing.

I finally have good internet service. We are moved and now I must get back to work. Where in the US are you going to?
N. R. Williams, The Treasures of Carmelidrium

shelly said...

His head rose above the clouds and bumped the moon. Little aliens spilled onto him and ran toward his underwear. Fur Gum wiggled and itched but his hands became numb. The aliens used lazer guns to stun him still.

Fur Gum wondered what would happen next. His day started out strange and it was ending just as wierd.

Michael Di Gesu said...

To his dismay the aliens began to shave all the fur off of him. He shrieked and goosebumps rose all over his hairless body.

The aliens collected the fur and began to spin it into yarn creating warm coats to slip into to escape the icy cold.

Uncontrollably shivering Fur Gum felt humiliated and heat bumps now blotched his body ...