Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Our First Birthday

It may have taken 35 years but I finally get to celebrate my son’s birthday with him. October is a big birthday month. My birthday was the 9th, my son the “Musicians birthday” is today, and my daughter the “Artists” birthday is on the 27th. Being able to finally be together with them on their birthdays is a wonderful and long awaited experience that I am looking forward to.
 Our first meeting at the airport

My son has worked hard to get to where he is today. Being left with no choice but to give him up for adoption, he was raised in Mpls. by two loving parents, both of which died while my son was still quite young. His grandparents also passed away, leaving him on his own. 

 Hanging out with his friends and music

After finishing high school and holding down several different kinds of jobs he eventually turned one of his hobbies into a career. My son is a geek and works as an onsite computer technician for Best Buys “Geek Squad.” Today he is living in Denver, sharing his apartment with a wolf and he has a wonderful girlfriend.
Dressed for work
Talented, determined, intelligent, funny, loyal, stubborn, proud, attractive and trustworthy. Those are some of his qualities. I am proud to be his mother and I love him more every day. We are going out for dinner with his girlfriend to celebrate his birthday and I will be posting pictures of that and our other adventures soon.

So---Happy Birthday Sweetheart, I am so happy to be spending it with you!


Laura said...

I'm so pleased for you. Enjoy each other!
Laura x

Alex J. Cavanaugh said...

You waited a long time for this day - enjoy and be blessed!

Anonymous said...

I love this mom!! :)

Matt Conlon said...


Nadia said...

It is such a treat to have you here too, especially on his Birthday! You can see in his expressions how happy he is too :)

Michael Di Gesu said...


Ah, Sis,

Why didn't you mention your birthday was the 9th?

I hope you have a wonderful and special day. And actually this is the second birthday you spent together ....

I can feel the love.

McKenzie McCann said...

This next sentence will summarize the constant thought that went through my head as I read this:


Draven Ames said...

Now that is a touching tribute to your son. Happy Birthday to him.


GigglesandGuns said...

I bet he's a lot like you. Not just the looks -- Inquiring minds want to know :-)

Pat Hatt said...

Great tribute and so nice you got to be there.

Stephanie V said...

What a joy celebrating this birthday must be for you both! I can only imagine how sweet this reunion must be.